Space Business Technical Support

Space Business Court supports your technical problems though
providing sample data and technical training.


Technical Support

Space Business Court provides solutions to your technical issues.


Provision of Sample Data


Space Business Court provides sample data to interested parties considering to utilize space data or develop new products.

Training for Satellite Data Utilization

Space Edge Lab.

Space Business Court solves the technical problems of your business through trainings for satellite data utilization and study meetings.

Space Business Advisors

Each Space Business Court advisor has his or her specialization in order to assist you with your technical issue.

As a space-man, I'll support your business!

We support your idea towards a successful business.

I'm a space salesman!

We aim to solve your technical issues.

Go forward to your goal!

Let's make your business as huge as space!

Future = ICT × Space

Satellite Data Laboratory (Japanese only)

This laboratory guides you to the huge amount of satellite data that is available organized by application area.

Sat Data Recipe (Japanese only)

Follow our recipes to prepare satellite data and become a master chef in no time.

Space Directory (Japanese only)

Browse available satellite & geographic information system (GIS) data and applications

Engineer Blog (Japanese only)

Learn about the latest developments from data engineers.

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