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Open innovation is no longer a buzz word, but a necessity in order to develop new applications and technologies. New space applications require solutions that no single company, however big and capable, can provide. SBC is well placed linking established space industry, new space companies, universities and small and medium sized companies.

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Kinematic Positioning Demonstration Experiments for Drive Assist and Self-Driving

Building up Fundamental Technology for Self-Driving Using High-Precision Positioning by Quasi-Zenith Satellite Systems

Application of Technology for Astronauts Extending Healthy Lifespan through Weight Training

Strength Training Equipment Designed for Astronauts in Zero-gravity Space Being Re-engineered for Seniors

Weather Satellite Imagery is Being Used to Predict Solar Radiation. Adoption of Solar Energy is Growing.

Satellite imagery fuels transition to next-generation solar energy. Data is solving energy problems.

Management methodology learned from rocket development (Part 3 of 3)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's rockets enjoys high success rate. We asked about the secret sauce.

Management methodology learned from rocket development (Part 2 of 3)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's launch vehicle maintains a high success rate. A rocket engineer was interviewed on secret sauce of product development.

Agricultural Application of Earth Observation Data Creating a Brand-name Rice in Partnership of Industry, Public Sector, and Academia. (Part 2)

Satellite data-driven farmland management is driving brand-name rice farming in Aomori prefecture. Satellite data is used in a partnership between industry, the public sector, and academia

Delivering lightning forecast in real time via communication satellite: Development of Disaster Prevention Infrastructure

Lightning strikes can happen with no warning, they are difficult to forecast, and they can cause severe damage not only to equipment, but also to human lives. This is a system to accurately forecast lightning strikes.

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