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ZyCube Co., Ltd.

ZyCube provides an one-stop prototype development solution for the post-semiconductor process implementation using the through silicon via (TSV), re-distribution layer (RDL), Cu-post・bumping technology etc.
It is possible to form those TSV / RDL / Bump not only on a semiconductor wafer but also on an individual single chip by ZyCube original process development with contributing to the cost saving of the high-technology assembly and prototyping.
We have experience in research and development of flip-chip packaging for space, so please consult us about technical development projects on space electronics board, module size reduction, low profile and other advancing technology mixing OE devices,compound semiconductor devices, MEMS devices and the special material using packaging.


Since its founding in 2002, ZyCube has been studying the 3 D stacking LSI and the highest-integration and miniaturization and weight reduction technology of semiconductor device packaging. We have been collaborating with universities and research institutes, as well as material makers and equipment manufacturers to develop these technologies. From the wafers backend process to the product assembly, packaging and module designing, we would like to contribute to your beneficial on your concentrated matter as the technology development and so on.

name ZyCube Co., Ltd.
address Tokyo Institute of Technology Yokohama Venture Plaza
4259-3 Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku Yokohama Kanagawa 226-8510 Japan
phone number 045-350-3101(phone)


Semiconductor post process ~ Development trial development of implementation

・Through Silicon Via: TSV
・Re-Distribution Layer: RDL
We will provide one - stop prototype development solution for semiconductor post - process - implementation using such as those technologies.

Low cost semiconductor post-processing prototype service

Process development and optimization so that TSV / RDL / Bump can be formed for individual chips. As a result, TSV / RDL / Bump formation at the tip can be formed and processed for existing development chips and development chips for wafer shuttle services.
It has been applied to small module, mock-up prototyping of function confirmation, etc., and has a track record of contributing to development cost reduction.

Chip Scale Package (CSP) development with Via Last TSV technology

Received wafers such as image sensors,
・Wafer thinning (back side grinding)
・TSV formation
・Bump formation
After processing in a series of steps, the sensor chip will be delivered as CSP with TSV. So far, we have developed image sensor prototypes such as for automotive applications, medical applications and adding special requirement development assistant service on the new structure packaging and material combination R&D etc.

"Yokohama Intellectual Property MIRAI Enterprises (FY2008)" Certification(2016/8/26)
Research and development plan name:"Development of high precision mounting technology for laser diodes and optical members" (Kyushu Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry,PL: Kyushu Denshi Cox., Ltd.))(2015/7/30)

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