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Cases studies with space data and technologies

Various ideas have already been realized through utilizing space data, technologies and experiences.

case study

Building up Fundamental Technology for Self-Driving Using High-Precision Positioning by Quasi-Zenith Satellite Systems

case study

Strength Training Equipment Designed for Astronauts in Zero-gravity Space Being Re-engineered for Seniors

case study

Satellite imagery fuels transition to next-generation solar energy. Data is solving energy problems.

case study

Lightning strikes can happen with no warning, they are difficult to forecast, and they can cause severe damage not only to equipment, but also to human lives. This is a system to accurately forecast lightning strikes.

case study

The Future of Self-Driving Car Using an Unprecedented High-Precision Navigation System Is Made Possible by Quasi-Zenith Satellite Michibiki,

case study

A must-have application for real estate agents to check the surroundings of a property using satellite imagery without having to visit the site in person.

case study

Satellite images are used to check crop conditions. Data supports proper management of vast agricultural lands.

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