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One-stop launch service: matching rockets with satellites

Space BD株式会社

Space Business Court supported Space BD which provides a one-stop launch service, handling all phases of a launch campaign, starting from launch brokerage to matching small satellites with a suitable launcher, launcher interface management, safety reviews, import/export management, logistics support, and contract negotiation.

Testimonial SPACE BD INC.

It was supported by me! Space Business Coordinator

  • About Space Industry
  • Technical Support
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Locate and manage bamboo groves using satellite data

Untamed bamboo groves can be harmful to the surrounding eco system. SBC conducted a demonstration, providing satellite data for environmental conservation, and resource utilization in Yamaguchi prefecture.

It was supported by me! Space Business Coordinator

  • Fundamentals of Satellite Data Utilisation
  • Supporting Satellite Data Analysis
  • Business strategy

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