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Warpspace Inc.

Warpspace Inc. provides satellite modules and ground system instruments with low costs. And Warpspace Inc. supports individual space system developments. Please contact Warpspace Inc. if you want to start space system development and/or to have your own space systems.


Warpspace Inc. is a newly founded company upon 6 years space development experiences at University of Tsukuba. Warpspace Inc. explores new space utilization concept "Play with space" by supporting individual satellite development, launching system and operation.

name Warpspace Inc.
address 2-5-1-203 Azuma, Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki 305-0031, Japan
phone number 029-856-8128 / +81-29-856-8128

Available service categories


Rich experiences of satellite development and operation

Warpspace Inc. can provide high quality but low cost products by confirmed its rich experiences of satellite developments, modules and ground systems.

Experiences of space environmental tests and good supports

Warpspace Inc. can support by confirmed experiences of various space environmental tests, such as vibration, thermal vacuum, and heavy ion radiation.

Advanced technical development taking advantage of Tsukuba Science City.

Warpspace Inc. is located in Tsukuba Science City, where JAXA, AIST, University of Tsukuba and many other research institutes are founded. A lot of innovative ideas are getting accumulated through our communication everyday.

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