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Space Business Court is a one-stop-shop to support new space businesses and its infinite possibilities. Its services are open to all individuals and companies worldwide that want to involve the Japanese space sector and related industries in their activities. Space Business Court is operated by Japan Space Systems.

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Work together with the Japanese space sector, related industries and innovative start-ups in order to realize your space business idea.

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We function as the official government-supported contact point to receive advice and support on new space business in Japan and welcome your inquiries in English.

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Through the long history in space R&D and space business of Japan Space Systems, the organisation behind Space Business Court, we are well-placed to support your ideas to develop new space business in Japan.

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Ideas realized with the support of space business court

The Minsora Project aims to bring space closer to the public and more familiar through entertainment

The Space Business Court coordinates new business ventures with non-space industries with space as the ‘playground’ for innovation.

Development of an integrated data analysis platform

Together with Kyoto University and other partners, a free platform was created to integrate and analyse multiple statistical, and satellite data.


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Launch your ideas into reality with the space business in Japan

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Work together with highly qualified experts in Japan to solve your technical issues

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President Yoshiharu Kunogi

President Yoshiharu Kunogi

Japan Space Systems is a non-profit organization aiming to foster development of international communities within space industry. We conduct R&D of cutting-edge space systems such as sensors for satellite remote-sensing and launch systems as well as human resource development and training and other activities to promote the use of space technologies by the wider community.

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  • Mitsubishi
  • 日本電気株式会社
  • IHI
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi

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  • Toppan
  • Fujitsu
  • Nifty

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